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The Bio-mex cleanser is an eco-friendly, universal detergent for cleaning & shining that comes with a uniquely-designed applicator stored conveniently in the lid. Bio-mex is formulated without harmful chemicals, from non-toxic, 100% biodegradable ingredients.
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Like the Ultimate scrubEAZE, Bio-mex is safe to use in your kitchen and bathroom

  • on appliances
  • stove tops
  • sinks
  • countertops – including marble, tile and glass surfaces.

Bio-mex is tough on grease & lime scale and soap scum and is great for getting rid of hard water deposits and rust.

Use Bio-mex outdoors as well

  • on your vehicle chrome
  • wheels & rims
  • patio furniture – making them sparkle like new
  • it also does wonders for your running shoes!

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